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United Airlines Puts Dog On Wrong Plane, Makes Unscheduled Landing | NBC Nightly News

“For the second time this week, United Airlines has put a dog on the wrong plane, causing flight 3996 headed to Newark from St. Louis to make an unscheduled landing in Akron, Ohio to drop off the dog.” by NBC News “Clearly, God’s promise to give the whole earth to Abraham and his descendants was […]


Loy’s Profile Name: Loy Birth: Oct. 2017 Age: 12 Weeks Old Sex: Male 3 Weeks Old Loy😍 Personality: Such a whiner, Stubborn, and love people so much Santa Hat on Loy What He loves: Whining, Poops a lot, Love to have Raw Chicken Staying surround humans Loy’s Model Pose on a Shinny Day “And this sam God who takes […]


Yeolae’s Profile Name: Yeolae Birth: Sept. 2016 Age: 1 half years old Sex: Male (Neutered)🙀 The Most Adorable Moment for Yeolae is having a Sleep 😻 Personality: Curious on everything, also scared of anything new, Friendly, and love to play (Never ever get tired😅) The Shocked Face of Yeolae After Liked His Anus (I know that’s really stincky🤣) What he loves: Following […]


Nuel’s Profile The Prince “Nuel” Name: Nuel Birth: Aug. 2015 Age: 2 half years old Sex: Male (Neutered) 🙀 Daddy, please pet my head  Personality: Friendly to humans like a dog, Claim, Kind I love sleeping by the window  What he loves: Being alone, stay with a human alone, Loves to receive attentions😻 and napping on the bible😴 He always […]