7 Things That You Should Be Prepared for a Puppy

What an excitement and so much joy to have a dog!
However, are you guys all aware of the requirements to be a responsible pet owner?

If you are first time adopting a puppy to your home, you might not sure what you should be prepared.
Today, lets find out the 7 things to prepare for adopting a new puppy



Regarding the dogs diet, it would be highly recommended that you feed what the breeder fed the dog until he/she adapts to the new environment and then, later on, change its food to a different product.

Puppy needs to taste or try lots of new things,
Also, some dogs tend to vary on what they enjoy eating.
It would be easy and convenient to find out what your dog likes to eat better by having multiple samples from pet stores.

Also, before purchasing the food, it is vital to check the ingredients and if it is labeled as “for dogs.”
(If you are not sure of what to feed your dog, I recommend you to visit a Vet or a pet store to get assistants for help.)

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Did you know that dogs also needs personal space where he/she can find rest?
The proper crate training will help the dog to reduce anxiety from separation. Moreover, it will provide tremendous aid in potty training.

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Puppies are easy to get lost when they are only a few weeks old.
Therefore, it is essential to have the ID (identification) tag on the collar with the dogs name, along with your information.
Implanting the microchip can also be a way to help you to re-link the dog with you if it ever gets lost.

Here is the link for more information about Mico-chip
: https://www.homeagain.com/what-is-a-microchip.html

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In order to prevent your furnitures from being damaged by your dog,
providing various kinds of toys for him/her to play with will reduce the percentage of the risk.
If you would like to safe your furnitures and protect your house/property,
Especially during the puppy teething, chewing something will alleviate the pain. Otherwise, they will chew your furniture or house…


Many people misunderstands the use of leash and collar.
Those sets are not only for accessories, but also to follow the law.
By keeping these simple rules, you and your dog can be protected by any unexpected accidents.
To add, leash and collar will give you the position to control over the dog during a walk or obedience training.

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Puppy will need food and water bowls when it comes home.
Plastic bowls – Cheapest however it may harbor bacteria after long term using.
Also if your puppy loves to chew, this is not your best choice.
Ceramic bowls – Expensive and strong however it may heavy to be a toy.
Please note that some of ceramic bowls contain lead which may harm.
Stainless steel bowls – best choice and expensive however
Stainless steel bowls are strong, easy to clean and sanitize.

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People frequently ask that should puppies need grooming.
Grooming is not only for the purpose of making a dog look pretty
but also for hygiene and health of dogs. They need regular wash and brushing for coat, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, and teeth brushed.
In order to groom well, you would need: “Brush, ear clean solutions, nail clippers, shampoo, toothbrush and dog toothpaste.”


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that I might be your God. I am the LORD”
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